Every top athlete, renowned performer, and successful business leader in the world benefits from the wisdom and perspective that coaching offers.  In fact, none of them would have gotten to where they are today without coaching.

Get yourself a credible expert in the field.  Philippe has over 20 years of experience gained in multinational companies all over the world.  He is someone who will help YOU get the solutions to your problems.  Enlist the help of a coach and confidant who will be by your side no matter what, to help you become who you want to be and achieve whatever goals you have.

Life Coaching

Life coaching

What if good isn’t good enough? Do you need a boost to achieve your dreams, remove some obstacles or reduce your stress?

Career Coaching

Ready for the next step? Feeling stuck in a job? Feeling stressed by work environment (boss, colleagues, subordinates…)
Executive Coaching

Executive coaching

Bespoke coaching for demanding leaders: don’t settle to be a great leader, become an outstanding one that people will follow

Strategic Workforce Planning

How do you know you find the right person? How could you create bespoke career path? How do you know who is the best person for a promotion?

our company

Stressed at work or in general? Busy Schedule? Feeling stuck in your job? Would like to improve a relationship? Would prefer to be coached from the comfort of home?

We provide many means to help you in your coaching journey. We use face to face, Skype, Zoom, and/or phone calls to help you reach your goals. We have coached people from all over the world with equal success and are well versed in different cultures, and how to reach outstanding results


No, not at all. Therapy focuses on the past. Coaching will help you identify limiting beliefs that only hold you back. Together, we will also identify and remove patterns that restrain you, so you can overcome them and reach your goals

Everyone! Having a coach is having a professional who walks with you on your journey. The coach observes you from the side line and sees things you do not see as you are actively in the game.

It is all about closing the gap. Closing the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. We will use known tools and techniques to get you there, together. Each and every session will deliver a result.

No. I have invested in myself to give you the best. I trained with IPHM in UK, completed the Tony Robbins Result Coaching Academy, and a member of International Coaching Federation certification…so you get the best

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