Our Methodology

We believe coaching is all about adding that little something that will give you the extra edge and will help you reach your goals. This is why we called our methodology “ADD”.


Just like when you go on a journey, it is important to know where you are starting from. To help with that, we will assess your strengths and identify your areas for improvement. We do not believe in tests as there are no wrong answers when it comes to understanding ourselves better. Some of the tools we might use are: DiSC, Profile XT, 360 reviews, and many more.


Just like each and every one of us is unique, so will your program be. We do not believe in on size fit all, so, based on your goal, your strengths, we will design a program which is totally tailored for you, no matter what you are after.  It could be life coaching and helping with confidence, relationship coaching and understanding a loved one better or as a leader, manage your team better and create amazing dynamics.

This is what makes the job of a coach so incredible: the combination of who you are and what you want to achieve is truly unique.


Coaching is all about results and what a better way to see progress than measure those results all the way through our coaching relationship. Each session or program we run with you will bring you that step closer to your goals.  You will have by your side someone who is totally focused on you and your progress, to challenge you when you need that extra push and praise you as you move closer to what you really want.  Again, we will use a variety of tools like Behavioural Coaching, Active Enquiry, Leadership Dashboard amongst others.  Furthermore, we will repeat some of the assessments we ran at the beginning, so you can see and feel the progress you will have made.

Is the coaching over when I have reached my goal?

No, it isn’t.  We always run follow up after each engagement.  However, who knows?  May be reaching your goals will have given you a taste for all you can do and want more, by setting new goals and repeat the process over and over again…until you just Reach Outstanding.

Don’t wait any longer to reach your goals