Struggling to recruit and retain top talent?

Is emotional intelligence a required skill you want to enhance?

Competing against more agile companies, better known brands?

Struggling to control costs despite running multiple initiatives?

Your coach possesses over 20 years of experience gained at board level, working for global corporations all around the world. Executive coaching also requires a specific set of tools and approaches to help tackle very unique topics like: self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, listening skills and empathy, Influence, leading during times of change, communication skills, motivation and engagement, leading with vision and purpose, building effective teams, strategy and strategic thinking, working with uncertainty and ambiguity; decision skills, mentoring, developing internal talent, succession planning and many more.


We will use our proprietary methodology ADD for coaching ® to ensure you have results from the first session and on an ongoing basis.



You deserve to see results which are tangible and concrete.  Each of our coaching program starts with assessing where you are, and we do this by:

  • Gathering feedback about your strengths and areas for improvement by using tolls like 360-degree feedback, leadership dashboard, Profile XT ® and many more
  • Understand where you are in achieving your goals ensure those goals are SMART
  • Understand your motivations for change
  • Evaluate potential roadblocks and challenges ahead

This first steps gives a great baseline of where you are and is a foundation in helping the design the most appropriate program for you.



What is missing right now? Why are you not exactly where you want to be? The next steps are to identify what is missing, how big the gap is and create a tight action plan that will make you reach your goal.

We will design a program which is tailored to you, your goals and where you are today.  No two programs are the same.  We will decide together on the frequency of coaching, the tools we will use and a variety of other parameters that will ensure you see results every session.



At Executive level, there is no “one size fits all”. We will together create the best plan to serve you. This could be a combination of individual and team coaching, find mentors if this is what is needed. Your program will be created exclusively for you and will be designed to maximize results to reach your target as soon as possible.


We will also decide if having your coach attending some of your meetings and “see you in action” would enhance your coaching.  We will also have hands on practice the application of the new skills and concepts you have learnt during the design phase.


During this phase, we will also perform regular checks to ensure we are constantly making progress towards your goals and that you, as a client, see the changes as they happen.



Additionally, coaching also relies on two key concepts:


On-going process
Coaching is not a one session where magic happens and challenges disappear.  It is about going on a journey and have someone by your side for the long run:  your life coach will stay with you all the way until you achieve your goals. During our sessions, we will be using proven tools and methodologies to help you move forward, one step at a time, towards your goal. In between the sessions, you will have actions to work on to ensure the momentum is never lost until the goal is attained.

When you choose to work with an Executive coach, you will have a unique type of person who works with you! You will have someone to celebrate your successes with, and someone who will push you well outside your comfort zone as this is where the growth happens. Good isn’t good enough, only Outstanding will do as, for as a leader, people expect you to show them the way and will set their aims as high as you set yours.


Don’t wait any longer to reach your goals