How can you be sure the interview process will get you the right candidate for the job?

How could you minimise costs of “having it wrong” and discovering this when it is too late?

How could you create tailored career path based on individual skills and behaviours?

How could you get the best out of your employees by working with a coach?

Being a certified Profile XT ® Assessment Centre, we make strategic workforce planning as easy as ABC:


Many companies fail to match the right candidate to the right role when only relying on a CV and the interview process.  It is only when a person has joined the company that behaviour and cultural fit become apparent and there can be a mismatch


Our scientific and statistical assessment centre helps answer the 3 core questions posed during the hiring process:


  • Can the person do the job?
  • How will the person do the job?
  • Will the person want to do the job?


Typically, the interview process will help answering the first question, whilst the other two become evident only after the candidate joins the company.


Reach Outstanding is proud to be a certified Profile XT ® assessment centre.


Profile XT is an assessment which is based around 14 different competencies ranging from numeracy and verbal skills, to behaviours like adaptability, independence and many more.  Millions of people around the world have taken the assessment and thousands of companies use it on a regular basis, be it for interviewing or promotion assessment.


The library of jobs contains hundreds of jobs against which candidates can be matched to see if they are suited for the position they are applying for.



As your company and culture is unique, you’d expect an assessment which is bespoke and tailored to your organisation. In Profile XT, the profiles can be tweaked to incorporate that “uniqueness” that each company has in terms of culture or relative importance of some specific competencies.


This allows patterns to be created based on the insight gained about your organisation and the competencies by which you manage your people. The result for you is a greater understanding of the levels of competencies and how they impact the way your build your people.


We also offer bespoke interview questions, which are designed to test/challenge the candidate using the data and information from the assessment taken.  This supports a low risk hiring process and in turn maximising the results for the company.


Career path


When the assessment has been undertaken, it proves to be beneficial further along the career development process. The results allow you to understand the staff better by identifying the unique characteristic of employees, to help with a selection process for promotion and much more.


Using the Profile XT as the starting point, coaching supports further development and career progression to maximise employee engagement and loyalty.


Nowadays, companies cannot simply rely on traditional means of staff selection and promotions, they want and demand more. By adopting a combined approach of Profile XT assessment centres with coaching, businesses gain far more for themselves and their people.



Some of the applications of our services include:


Leadership development HIPO identification Employee Retention Promotions
Management development Onboarding Performance Management Succession Planning
Career development Job Matching Turnover Reduction Minimizing learning curves
Individual (or team) development planning Executive development Reduction in workforce Training/Coaching


Don’t wait any longer to reach your goals