Philippe helped me reconnect to my purpose of why I started my business in the first place. I was hitting a plateau for quite some time and by igniting real emotional juice again and putting the right strategy in place, my project is now reaching all new levels. True professional of his craft.

- Oliver, Phuket


Philippe Mathijs is one of the most incredible leaders I’ve ever met in my life. I would describe his style of coaching as direct and compassionate. He pulls no punches when asking powerful questions that drill into the uncomfortable truth that exists inside of us all. He always guides and never tells, he always listens

- Alisa, Dallas, Texas


Thanks to the support and guidance offered by Philippe I now have the confidence to fulfill the requirements of my role and start to work towards the next stages in my career. If you ever ask him for advice, he does not simply tell you what to do but provides you with the tools to

- Melissa


Philippe is an outstanding coach. During our work together, I received massive clarity about my goals, took massive action and gained huge momentum. Working with him made achieving my goals fun and easy. Philippe’s insights that he pulled from our sessions were often so surprising but spot on, pointing out exactly what was holding me

- Ashley

North Dakota

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