Five outstanding benefits of investment in employee development

Employees want to feel empowered, motivated and inspired.

What we observed is that an employee doesn’t only work for incentives and this is a notion supported by many theories and studies. Staff feel far more motivated if they feel empowered to do their jobs.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that companies can avail gain if they invest a little more in employee development and growth.

1. Engagement in Work

In the pandemic world, the engagement becomes essential as this drives communication, interaction and team connections. Employee development involving informal meetings, co-working, workshops and activities where all members of the staff come together supports a cultural of togetherness and teamwork.Amplified Skill-Sets

2. Amplified Skill-Sets

A huge and visible benefit of employee development is the enhancement of their skills. Employees can learn a lot of new things through self-paced, live and blended learning programmes. With the changing lifestyles, increase in technology and a lot of recent developments in business technology,
it has become extremely important that we can keep up with the pace of these changes.

Employee development keeps everyone updated. It makes a valuable addition to the skillset of the employees both in terms of hard and soft skils.

3. Employee Elevation

We have worked with clients who have become frustrated because someone from outside their company has been hired to fill a major position in the company. Several employees become resentful as they feel they could have been promoted instead of external hiring. This happens because the existing employees of the company may have been qualified for this opportunity but they were lacking a particular skill or personal branding within the organisational setting.

Recognising internal talent and building the skills within the organisation plays a key role is giving staff the opportunities to take on new responsibilities and positions. The preparation becomes key so that when the time comes, they have the skills and stakeholder support to show why they deserve the promotion.

4. Personal Development

Employee development trainings and workshops add to the personal growth of the employees. Through self-observation, practical application and on the job learning, staff recognise their own strengths and development areas and how best to navigate these within the roles they undertake.

Through blended learning and team training programmes, employees become more confident due to regular participation and communication established through these sessions.

An otherwise secluded work environment due to the pandemic does not leave much room to talk which has been shown to have a negative effect on many of the employees.

By adopting a culture of personal growth and development, employees come together to evolve and support each others’ group journies.

5. A Futuristic Approach

Sometimes, employers see a lot of potential in their employees. However, this vision is not shared by the employees themselves. It could be due to many reasons; lack of confidence, strategy, skills or even just the failure to see the ladder.

Coaching serves as a vehicle which enables staff to see themselves from different perspectives. They are able to create a shift in their mindsets and build relationships with the managers based on mutual understanding and common goals.

Investment in employee development breeds fruitful results. Over the years, we have employees promoted, boost their confidence to making to best out of the opportunities they have available to them.

We believe that applying a coaching mindset within organisations will breed a culture which is prepared for the future and that employees with be better equipped with solutions and a growth mindset to support themselves and others.

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