What makes our brand unique?

Our Approach

Reach Outstanding is a corporate development company based in the UAE. We design, create and deliver coaching, learning solutions, programs, workshops to corporate business and individuals across the globe. Having been in operation for three years, the company works across a number of organisations delivering bespoke and unique programs to meet the needs of our clients. The company was co-founded by Monica and Philippe

Our Story

Born out of passion, Reach Outstanding is our way to give back to the world. Having been in the corporate world for many decades, we want to ensure that anyone has the best coach by their side. Too many times did we experience the saying “it is lonely at the top” whilst, really, it doesn’t have to be.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to Develop People and Develop Organisation so they read their true, untapped potential. We believe everyone has greatness in them and help our clients reach that outstanding potential and conquer their goals.