The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this program is ‘Transformation’. The Leadership Program was a game changer for my life and career. The most important benefit of the program for me has been the journey of self-discovery. Program helped me to uncover my abilities that I never knew existed. The knowledge and insights that I acquired during this program is priceless and more importantly, it also equipped me to share that with others. This program reinforced for me that it is people skills and emotional intelligence that really matters in leadership. The real life scenario workshops are one of the main highlights in this program as it helps you reflect yourself and your values, skills and approach to different corporate scenarios. Program was designed in a way that you don’t feel you are doing a course and have loads of projects to do. A right proportion of fun element was also included to make it interesting and engaging. Overall, I highly recommend this course for everyone who is seeking a career progression and want to be SOMETHING in the world.”

Managing  Director – Country Head (India)

“The Dubai leadership program has helped me grow as an individual and has given me more confidence to carry out day-to-day leadership tasks. The most important thing about this program is that it teaches you skills that you can readily apply to your position. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to develop themselves.” 

Head of HR (Dubai)

“Philippe is an outstanding coach. During our work together, I received massive clarity about my goals, took massive action and gained huge momentum. Working with him made achieving my goals fun and easy. Philippe’s insights that he pulled from our sessions were often so surprising but spot on, pointing out exactly what was holding me back in my business. Philippe is an outstanding coach and incredibly worthwhile investment in my future and my business.” (Ashley, USA)

“Philippe helped me reconnect to my purpose of why I started my business in the first place. 

I was hitting a plateau for quite some time and by igniting real emotional juice again and putting the right strategy in place my project is now reaching all new levels. True professional of his craft.” (Oliver, Thailand)

“Meera, You are awesome – thank you for showing me different dimensions to the most basic behaviours of mine! I am glad I could check and correct them in time.”

“Meera, I love your style of driving home the core with such common life examples – at the beginning I felt where am I going – only to realise that you were helping me connect the dots. I all along had my strengths but did not recognise hence was unable to leverage them equally for personal and professional sides of my life! You make it so simple to understand and accept – thank you Meera!!”

“Meera, I had almost lost hope and I remember starting my conversation with you with a negative mindset- but just talking to you made me feel so energised. Thank you for opening up my mind to so many opportunities that I can now explore.”

“Meera, your concept sharing ability is amazing – you make me want to follow the action plan like a passion and not just like any other action. Thank you for sharing so many resource tools – they are truly very helpful.”