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People Investment Drives Corporate Success


Corporate programs and coaching services are created to support the needs of your organisation from employee motivation, personalised coaching programs, learning and development to team building,

Our team understands the corporate setting and each coach has undergone thorough and in-depth preparations before becoming a Reach Outstanding Coach. Our team of coaches are ICF-accredited and experienced across the coaching profession and corporate industry. The right coach is matched for your needs and only if you feel comfortable, they will become your partner in creating and achieving your goals.

The Reach Outstanding coaches and program leads have the experience, creditability and insights to support your employees achieve their goals.

Our corporate programs cover a range of services:



A coach facilitates the sessions to bring out core themes and topics of conversation which are important at the time.


Assessments provide a foundation of understanding of where a person is. Using a number of known assessment tools, we work with clients to report the outputs and what they wish to focus on for the future. The tools include: ProfileXT, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder and DiSC Assessments allow for:

  • Understanding the current state of play
  • identifying focus areas
  • providing a benchmark
  • measure the change following coaching and training programs

Assessments are not used to measure right and wrong, everyone is unique and this is why we used assessments and not tests.


Employers invest in coaching programs for areas such as executive coaching, career growth, developing high potential members of staff or supporting struggling employees.

  • Coaching helps staff overcome challenges
  • Prepare them for big presentations or meetings
  • Identify their blind-spots
  • Hone their leadership skills
  • Overcoming workplace challenges
  • Being the best versions of themselves


Would you like to get the most from your salesforce? Want you team to understand the needs of your clients? Are you finding a competitive culture v a collaborative one? When a sales team is given the opportunity to develop, they are able to build their skills and understand the benefits of teamwork and collaboration. Salesforce Coaching Program includes:

  • Building communication skills
  • Identifying skills gaps
  • Creating synergistic behaviours
  • Undergoing team building programs which drives communication, collaboration, quality standards and consistency
  • Dealing with the various challenges of their roles and more


Group coaching enables people to come together a collective to learn, develop or grow. A coach facilitates the sessions to bring out core themes and topics of conversation which are important at the time.

  • Focuses on the dynamics of the members
  • Group coaching allows collective growth
  • It provides a safe space for all parties to share
  • It drives joint accountability
  • It moves groups and teams forward towards their goals


We run team building events to promote various elements of teamwork which is key to your business. From a short workshop to an off-site event, we work with you to design a program which is aligned to objectives set. The team building programs can be used for:

  • Creating consistency
  • Honing communication skills when under pressure
  • Supporting each other through stressful scenarios
  • Being able to think on the spot
  • Leveraging the skills of each member and more

Looking for something bespoke or a combination of services?

Reach out to us today and we can explain what we are created for other clients and how we can understand your needs to create the best program for you.