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    Find your purpose and then share it with the world

    • Want to change your career?
    • Do you have a passion and calling to transform the lives of others?
    • Looking for a side hustle which you can run anytime and anywhere?
    • Do you find yourself mentoring, supporting and helping others?
    • Do you want to become more effective personally and professionally?
    • Are you a good listener?
    • Have you seen other coaches and inspired to learn this skill?
    • Do you have a desire to give back to others?
    • Most importantly, do you want to follow a professional and formal path to become an accredited coach?

    If you have said YES to 3 or more of these questions, perhaps you are a coach in the making. Be one of the 25 students to embark on this programme to become a coach. Start to earn an income even before the programme has finished and be prepared for something special.


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    A career in coaching is not only rewarding, it generates a great living. Coaches can earn anything from USD60 to USD2500 per session

    Why become a coach with us?

    Philippe has created this programme based on his experience, knowledge and what clients need. He has been there in the coaching and corporate world.

    In the work he has done, he bridges insights of the corporate world with the coaching profession. Philippe has served on the Board of the ICF and understand the structure, principles and approach which coaches need to take to meet the ICF standards and targets.

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    The programme will provide the following:

    • 87 live online coaching hours
    • Monthly retreats to delve into the topics and subjects
    • Interactive and informative sessions
    • Review of recorded coaching calls to measure competencies and provide areas of improvements
    • Mentor coaching to prepare for the ICF submission
    • Core content, activities and behaviours to meeting the ICF requirements
    • Special guests to share insights and advice
    • Working with a like-minded and supportive group of people
    • Private Facebook page
    • Preparations and support to set up your practice
    • Start coaching from Week 5
    • The programme will be completed in 6 months
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    If a person has the coaching skills & abilities and the desire to help others achieve their goals, the world will be a better place.

    Philippe Mathijs
    Read More About Philippe

    Real results with a real expert

    • Learn and develop your coaching skills with someone who gives their “absolute best”
    • Excellent feedback which is of high quality, clear and direct
    • Leverage expert and experienced coaching to develop your skills and talents
    • Get honest and real direction to become the best that you can be
    • Design the life you desire
    • Gain new skills and attributes which you can use in your professional and personal life
    • Start a new career which will generate income on your terms

    What is mentor coaching?

    Mentor coaching is a process where you are coached on your coaching skills in preparation for the ICF certification as a certified coach. It rather follows a different process than coaching on work goals, personal elements, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skill. We have created something truly unique that will get you prepared for the certification and will enhance your coaching. Click here for more information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly can I start to coach real clients?

    After Week 5, you will have the basic tools and understanding of coaching to start applying coaching practice and working with clients. As you progress through the program, you will gain more insight and confidence to continue coaching others

    What language is the course delivered in?


    What is so special about the ICF?

    The ICF is a global coaching body which ensures ethics, structure and coaching in the right way. To find out more about the ICF, visit their website –

    If I am not happy with the course, can I claim a refund?

    You are eligible for a pro-rated refund if you are unhappy with the Reach Outstanding Business & Leadership Coaching Programme

    What kinds of people become coaches?

    We have people from various backgrounds and they embark on this program because they want to learn from someone who has been there, has the experience and ICF creditability. As long as someone has the passion for coaching and learning, they can join this program

    Can you tell me more about the interview process?

    The number of places is always limited in order to give the best level of focus to the participants, call reviews and on-going feedback. In order to give you a place, an interview will help to find out more about you, your levels of commitment, the importance of coaching for you and to answer your questions.

    Is this program accredited by the ICF?

    Yes. This program is accredited for 87 hours with the ICF under the ACSTH path