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Enhance Your Coaching

Continuous Learning In Coaching

Coaching is a journey, one which requires ongoing development, skills upgrades and learning. To enhance your coaching skills, whether you are a trained coach, using principles of coaching in your field of work or someone who uses coaching in the workplace, we offer a series of programs to meet your needs. Continuous development is necessary as the coaching industry is ever evolving and new methods will emerge. Join us to keep updated on tools, techniques and methods which you can use to enhance your skills and attributes. We offer a number of programs and paths to facilitate the development of your coaching journey


Programmes & Workshops

As part of your journey as a coach whether you are following the ICF path or not, we offer a series of programmes which provide further certifications, accreditations, CCEs points and more.

These programmes are aimed at coaches, HR individuals, anyone interested in using coaching methods and techniques in the roles they hold.

Enhance your skills and experiences by joining one of our programs:

Webinars & Master Classes – Open To All

Live webinars being run by Philippe Mathijs & Lynn Saboe and guests providing real insights, coaching expertise and global experiences - open to all

Confident Coaches - Building Your Practice With An Impact – 24th May 2021

Description: Limiting beliefs impact people from all walks of life. As coaches, we play a key role in supporting our clients to overcome challenges, define their goals and then work to achieving them.

To support coaches in the development and growth of their practices, this webinar looks at ways in which you can gain greater confidence to enhance how you serve your clients. In this live online event, delivered Philippe Mathijs & Lynn Saboe and will offer practical insights, experiences and lessons from their corporate and coaching journeys.
In the session, we will cover:

  • How to recognise limiting beliefs in yourself
  • Gain an understanding of where this comes from
  • Gain an appreciation that this is a common for many of us
  • Learn tools and techniques to start to build confidence to help yourself and your clients

This will be an interactive, practical and discussion-based session to create a platform for questions, sharing experiences and gain the confidence to move forward.

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The Art Of Storytelling To Inspire Your People - 28th June 2021

Stories create an emotion, they connect people together, stories make an impact.

Delivering messages, inspiring others and motivating your staff can be made all the more powerful using the art of storytelling. Can you remember the last time you listened to a speaker share an experience which changed them or how they faced trial and tribulations yet overcame? We remember these speeches or conversations because there was a story being shared.

Storytelling can help businesses focus on their goals, staff to believe in their leaders and for clients to authentically connect with you. Want to learn the art of storytelling? Join this webinar to find out more.

In the session, we will cover:

  • Why storytelling is effective
  • The importance of connecting with others at an authentic level
  • How storytellers make what they say compelling
  • Learn about telling a story without giving away too much of your life
  • Tips on creating stories for your audience

This will be an interactive, practical and discussion-based session to create a platform for questions, sharing experiences and gain the confidence to move forward.

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